About us

Mission and values

We are developing every day to make even more interesting and high-quality games.

The company was founded in 2019 to scale successful technical and managerial experience in game development. Using our diverse experience, we focused on creating interesting games and content for mobile platforms (Android, iOS), consoles (PlayStation4, Nintendo Switch, XBox) and PCs.

We make sure that our solutions increase efficiency, scalability and facilitate the maintenance of games in the future.

We treat our clients' business as our own, therefore we observe deadlines and budgets of projects with maximum responsibility.

About the team

Unity3D -developers
Project Managers
2D Artists
3D Artists
UI Artists
VFX Artists
Game Designers
QA Engineers

Technical expertise

OOP, SOLID, ECS, UniRx, MVVM, MVC, MVP, MVCS - LA, Code Generation, TeamCity, Jenkins, Apache Ant, DirectX, OpenGL, OpenGLES, CI/CD
Unity3D, Flutter, Playfab, Photon, SmartFox Server, Bullet Physics Engine, PhysiX
C#, C++, CG, Haxe, JavaScript, Java, Python, ActionScript 3.0, Objective C, Swift, Dart

Artistic expertise

2D Skills
2D Sketching, Sketches and final rendering of characters, Development of locations, environments and techniques, 2D Animation
3D Skills
3D Sketching, 3D Modeling, Retopology, Texturing, Rigging, 3D Animation
Photoshop, CorelDraw, Illustrator, Spine, Maya, Blender, 3D Coat

Managerial expertise

Project management of any complexity, using modern methods and many years of experience in the field of IT project management. Achieving the result.
About us